Shine your light

The Self-Empowerment Hub For 21st Century Female Creators.

The Pony Farm Society 🦄

The Mission

We're here to empower women shine their unique light into this world. 

No matter what.


Our world is changing. 

While we live in times of chaos and uncertainty, more and more of us realize they want to make money differently and create a work-life integration that supports their values and passions. Simultaneously the female message and approach: Holistic, creative, compassionate, and collaborative are needed now more than ever before. We are on the doorstep of a new era. 

Are you willing to step into your light to shape and form this future?

We're here to support.

By giving you the community, the concrete tools and inspiration to create a business / soul brand and share your light.

What else?

This digital community is the place where you stop doubting yourself and create. No matter what.

It's where you meet and collaborate with like-minded women and get the inspiration and tools to fly.

It's where we focus on your mental and inner strength to build a strong foundation for making a difference in this ever changing 21st-century world.

Join now. We can't wait to meet you!

Hey, and who's the Host? Hi, I'm Hedi, digital creator, the founder of the InnovationMom Academy and Pony Farm Society. I'm a Podcast Host, inspirational speaker, a co-founder of my family, and lover of life.

I've been a transformation & innovation trainer for over a decade across the globe, all industries, and hierarchy levels. Witnessing how women were kept small and often keeping themselves even smaller. Not living their truth and full potential.

Then my own identity crisis and transformation hit after having my first baby, and I questioned not only myself. But especially my purpose, mission, and vision for this planet. 

I discovered that my whole life had been build upon empowering women. My own history as a daughter of a single mum, who fought every day to keep us running. Giving women a voice when facilitating workshops with male dominance across the room. Coaching highly driven women to get their projects and voice onto the streets and climbing the internal company ladders. So very often, being the only female in a room of male thought leaders envisioning the future. And, most importantly, my own journey from a high-achiever to prove my worth in this (former) world to living my heaven on earth by just being me and in flow. 

Well, at least, most of the times... ;)

Nothing makes me happier than seeing women shine, and I am here to support you in that process.

Times are changing. The question is: Are you witnessing or shaping?

Let's be the creators. Join now.

It's time for you, your message, and gifts....

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